Thanksgiving 2019 Corona, CA





Thanksgiving- how are we already at this point of the year? It feels like just yesterday there were
Halloween stores at every corner along with costumes and decorations flying off the shelves to then only
be replaced my Christmas merchandise. But where’s the Thanksgiving spirit? Well, we will talk about
that and what that really means.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and Christmas obviously not too far behind, this leaves us
some time to reflect on the year and think about what we are thankful for.

We know there are a million things to remember right now and your list of “to dos” may seem like it’s
never ending. Like, buy a turkey, what you’re going to wear, having to cook all of the staple dishes,
trying to figure out what your kids are going to wear and wondering if they will behave. We get it. But
there is just one thing we want to make sure is at the center of your table- gratitude.

Yes we have all the yummy food like yams, stuffing, etc but this holiday isn’t about all of those things
even though it definitely is a plus! This holiday is about gratitude, thankfulness, family. It brings
everyone together to a table (which isn’t seen too often anymore) to enjoy each other’s company and
share a meal together. To look one another in the eyes and forget about whatever else is going on in our
lives and just focusing on being together is something truly magical.

So what is gratitude? Gratitude is a feeling that is key to happiness and not something to save for just one
day a year. What just so happens is that the feeling of gratitude is actually great for your health! (Source:
Gratitude is good medicine)

To name a few:

-Counting blessings reduces depression in at risk patients by 41 percent over a 6 month period

-Gratitude is related to 23 percent lower levels of stress hormones

-Studies also show that practicing gratitude affects behavior, not just biology: Grateful people exercise more, eat better, are less likely to smoke and abuse alcohol, and even adhere better to medication regimens

So, see! Thanksgiving is underrated! Even though we tend to forget about it throughout the year, this
holiday helps us to bring everything into realization.

What are some things you are thankful for?

Let’s take some time to reflect:

Did you just get married this year? If so, be prepared for a life changing experience. Goal setting and
accomplishing things as a team is the most rewarding. Its great to have a partner to fight off the worlds

Did you buy a home? That’s a huge accomplishment! You should be very proud and grateful! Maybe
you’re now thinking of starting a family to fill up that happy home? Or you’re content just the way
everything is right now! Either way you should be proud of the many years of hard work put into savings
in purchasing your own home.

Did you have a baby this year? Another blessing- Now you can continue your family traditions with your
little one.

Did you buy your first car or pay off that 4 year auto loan? How amazing is that?! That’s hard work and
you should be proud to have accomplished that!

That is only a few of the things that could have happened just this year to be so thankful for. We know
you have so much more to be thankful for. Including your family that you get to share the table with this
Thursday. Make sure to treasure every single person sitting there.

As strange as it may sound, Insurance is something to be thankful for as well. just think about it for a
minute. It is literally what protects you, your family and all your hard earned assets you’ve worked so
hard to achieve. Its the buffer in every aspect of life no matter what you are doing.

For example, your car? Do you have reliable car insurance that without a doubt will help you in an event
of an accident? We all have car insurance (at least you should its the law) However, do you trust it to
protect you, your family and your vehicle? Are you certain it doesn’t just offer a good price but most
importantly will it protect you when you need it?

Are you a home owner? perhaps hosting your first California Thanksgiving? As you sit with family
enjoying your glass of wine (or two) (or three) know that a good homeowners policy in place will protect
your most expensive asset. One never knows when catastrophe hits so when it hits we need to be ready.

Of course then there’s life insurance to protect you.

This is why we do what we do here at Monreal Insurance Solutions we want to be a part of your family
because we consider you a part of ours. Like family, we want to make sure you are well prepared and
even better taken care of in the case of any accident or emergency.

As for us, we will be having Thanksgiving in Corona, CA reminding ourselves of all the things to be
thankful for, including those who are our clients and now part of our family.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Monreal Insurance Solutions