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We are a family-oriented Insurance Provider based out of Southern California. We're a company for families and businesses that want to get treated like real human beings instead of numbers on a spreadsheet. We are real people with your best interests for your auto, home, life and/or business in mind.

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Why Monreal Insurance?

We partner with the top insurance carriers and provide you with multiple options. Together, we’ll create a solution that will fit your budget.

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A Message From The Founder

“When getting help with insurance, you should always look for a person with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”

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Our Philosophy

We are committed to our 3 core values: community involvement, customer satisfaction, and family culture.

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How We HelpOur quick video explains how M.I.S. does all the hard work so you don't have to!

F.A.Q.'sSome common questions that our customers have:

What Insurance Products Do I need?

You can never be too insured! However, there are basic necessities everyone should have:  Auto insurance, Life insurance and Fire insurance (renter or home insurance) Great coverage does not have to be expensive! Contact an M.I.S. agent to walk you through a great policy that fits your budget.

How do I print my Auto I.D card?

M.I.S. works with top of the line highly technological advanced carriers. Most of the carriers have an app that you can conveniently download to your phone and have your auto I.D downloaded in a matter of minutes to your cell. You can also reach M.I.S and we will be more than happy to provide you with your auto I.D. card if your first one was misplaced.

What Discounts Do You Offer?

As a broker we have the advantage of offering our clients various carrier options, which means plentiful amounts of discounts. These include: safe driver, Good student, multi-car, multi-vehicle, bundle (auto and fire) and or (auto and life) amongst others. Contact M.IS. to find out how to maximize your savings.

Will I be covered if I rent a car?

Depending on your coverage. Most carriers will cover your rental vehicle in an event of an accident if you purchase full coverage. Not all coverage is created equal and the amount purchased is relative to the vehicle driven. Contact your M.I.S. agent today to help guide your rental car insurance purchase.

What is “full coverage”?

Although there is no “one” coverage called “full coverage” it is a combination of a) state required liability or no-fault insurance coverage to cover bodily and b) property damages to others in an accident you cause. It is very possible to have “full coverage” and still be “under insured.” Call an M.I.S. agent today to make sure you are not under-insured.

How often should I re-evaluate my coverage?

Generally speaking, after every major life event one should re-evaluate their insurance. A birth of a baby, a career change that involves an increase or decrease in pay, a marriage, a divorce, etc. Rule of thumb is once a year, that way you always have the best price and the most up to date coverage that’s cohesive with your current life situation. Call M.I.S. to make an appointment and review your policy today!

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Auto & Life Insurance

Hugo A. found himself in a messy situation with his insurance carrier when he got into an auto accident. Hear how Monreal Insurance Solutions helped him and his family.

Commercial Insurance

Alfredo from H7 Marketing shares his experience and insight on how Monreal Insurance Solutions gave him peace of mind and protection for his Advertising Agency.

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