Workers Compensation


Workers Compensation

Here are some of the great reasons why you should choose M.I.S for your workers' compensation needs:

  1. We keep you accountable- sure you’re the business owner but we want you to be profitable- you stay profitable by having a low x-mod, Workers comp is to protect you but ideally it’s always best you never have to use it. We help keep your x-mod low by offering education and guidance to you and your employees.
  2. We help with your OSHA compliance, loss control, and safety procedures.
  3. Workers compensation can be confusing – Monreal insurance solutions keep this easy. You can have monthly self-reporting, fixed billing, and integration with your payroll service.

Why Do I Need Workers Comp Insurance?

Monreal Insurance Solutions does not only offer a workers comp policy, but we also offer consistent guidance and peace of mind from the binding process to the audit.

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